We are company based in Lithuania offering international ISP services

About Us

UAB DEFINĖ LT is a limited liability company incorporated in Lithuania by experienced team who are ready to work on your project
Our consultants are experts are in these areas:
  • Internet connectivity provision in remote and challenged locations
  • Long distance international calls focused on Africa and Middle East
  • Providing and advising on complete lifecycle of telecom retail products.
  • Experts on DC security and server side development .
  • Licencing and legal advise, liaison for various international applications.
  • ISP service billing engineering and integrations.
  • AML and KYC within telecom sector advisory services.

Contact Us

Business Address
  • Algirdo street 32A, Kaunas
  • LT-50153, Lithuania
  • Telephone number: +370 5 2555078
  • Email: info @ define lt
Registration Address
  • Baltašiškės street 67, Druskininkai
  • LT-66371, Lithuania
  • Managed by Vilius Danila
  • Registration number: 304225937
  • EU VAT number: LT100010759214